Saturday, February 1, 2014

End of the Week With "P"

End of the Week With “P”
On Monday he posed as Dog Man.
Yesterday he was an archeologist for a second time.
Today he was as close as he can get to being himself.

This morning he posed for the drop in life drawing session I attend on Saturdays.

14”x 11” ink on toned grey paper


  1. The drop in Life, down naked on the ground, there is a story to tell Anthony, only you's awesome: in public, nude, defenseless, at the mercy of words or actions...even if they're only thoughts....

    1. Oh I have lots of thoughts. They flow as I sketch. They flow into the next pose, the next image. They fade away as quickly though, replaced by the next random thought.. I Have so many images with stories waiting to be told. I’m sure you do☺
      Have a good weekend
      Thank you

  2. It is the end of the week...and he looks so just know his weekend will be a good one!
    And, of course, the freedom nudity can bring...oh, roll on the warmth of summer...when we can all join him...

    1. We had a couple of heaters going in the studio☺ The model was warm. It will be nice to be able to relax so in a few months.