Saturday, July 6, 2013

Secluded Edge

Secluded Edge
Islands off Solitude
A secluded spot where the island’s wilderness almost reaches the shore. To be within a few steps of being completely concealed, is where I found them today.
8.5”x 5.5” black and white ballpoint pen on toned grey paper


  1. Solitude drawn, it whispers that solitude and cures some of my LOUD, I love these please don't ever stop, well you know at least a few times a week because they are everything I am, and so so beautiful , I'm so far away when I'm here ...and I have you to thank for that....there are no words...
    you have the power of restoration, who'd ever thought, I know now why some people pay so much for some painting or drawings it takes them away from nightmares....

    1. This is wonderful to know. I am so glad☺
      This whole Islands off Solitude theme has evolved out of my own needs and wants and dreams to escape and/or maybe protect from issues I deal with myself.
      For most of my life there was a family cottage I would sail from during summer vacations to visit the local islands. They became a favorite place to get away and live in an imaginary world, and it continues now, even when I am away from them. They have definitely become and will continue to be in much of the art and writing I do.

  2. Maybe one day you will take all of your sketches and include them in a book? in a gallery...and It will be called Island of Solitudes...:)