Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Story Tellers

Story Tellers

Tellers of stories
with more
too many words
too much said

tellers of stories
with stage
As audiences know
As stories go

Tellers of stories
With silence
it doesn’t matter
it’s a story

A sketch from yesterday that sort went it’s own way.
8.5” x 5.5” black and white ballpoint pen on toned grey paper


  1. oh gosh this is another time another place, the storytellers, there is an annoying little square that says click here to search right in the middle of one of the people's face, they're really begin to annoy me go search somewhere else,...

    1. I hope the square eventually left.
      Thank you

  2. Still there but that's something I searched the minute they see a word where they can jump in they do this time is teller...you should see all the stupid info about bank tellers, I got to take off whatever I downloaded

  3. I love this - it has the feel of an etching. Your ballpoint pen drawings are amazing!