Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Conduit Bending with "ST"

Conduit Bending with “ST”
A few more sketches from yesterday of some shorter poses bending conduit.
17”x 14” ink on paper


  1. How wonderful...I really love how you suggest movement with your line work. The figure seems to literally move around the paper, and I can see the extreme effort he is putting into his work.
    Yes...wonderful :)

    1. Thank you..
      Most of the lines were just searching to capture what I was looking at. With ink the unneeded lines aren’t easily removed.

  2. Love the moves wished the thing they're kicking around were google, I have a new blog, an old bookmark because my new one overloaded with all the gadget THEY put on and took all my pretty pretty pictures,so it's a new blog you,ll find 'cause i want to visit my friends don't worry it's short