Saturday, January 25, 2014

Views of "A"

A little drama
12”x 16” pastel pencils on grey charcoal paper

A tolerant stare
11”x 14” ink on toned grey paper

A distant thought
9”x 12” ink on toned grey paper

Views of “A”
A few sketches from the drop in life drawing session “A” modeled for this morning. 


  1. these are fabulous, the first a false 'NO, no I just can't, then a more resigned tolerance and then really are you going to finish any time soon? Is she an actress or just playing the role real well, and you did not disappoint, wow Anthony I love it when you catch mood, real or fake, it's the same, you are that good, yay you!

    1. I do find myself imagining the models mood as I draw them. I know much is in the acting out of the pose. When the pose is complete, it’s the weather, the kids, etc. and dealing with the same world she allowed us drawing her to escape for a moment.
      Thank you

  2. In the first she seems to be asking, "Oh how COULD you?"
    Emotions are raging here...I can feel them.

    The second is resignation..."Go on, do your cannot hurt me any more than I hurt already."

    Finally...what could have been..."Oh if only..."

    I love the way you capture moods too...absolutely amazing...:)

  3. Beautiful drawings,,all of them!