Friday, September 12, 2014

First Portrait of "MG"

First Portrait of “MG”

The fall sessions with the Independent painters Group started this morning. “MG” posed for the first time for the group. She’ll be back again next Friday for some to finish, for others to try again. I’ll paint her again then too, in another medium.
18”x 24” watercolor on cold press


  1. Wow...what a debut!
    She must be so proud of this amazing have given her such depth, such character.
    She does seem a little nervous though...or perhaps my imagination is playing tricks...

    I so love this :)

    1. Thank you
      The group has a lot of wonderful painters. There were a lot of good portraits for her to view of herself yesterday. It was so easy to become captivated by the look she held in this pose, like we weren’t even in the studio with her.

  2. oh , yes she has that brand new vibe, beautiful protrait, soon she'll know how to dance nude, such are you power of persuasions lol

    1. She was new to the group I was painting with yesterday. I’ve drawn more of her in another time and place, many years ago.
      Thank you
      I enjoyed painting her as she was. Persuasion won’t be necessary.