Friday, September 26, 2014

Portrait of "P"

Portrait of “P”

He posed this morning for an Independent Painters Group session.
18”x 24” watercolor


  1. Oh I so love this one, Anthony...he seems to actually step out of the frame.
    There is a powerful suggestion of deep knowledge in his eyes...he has lived...he has experienced...he could teach us so much...yes, that's what I'm trying to say...he has to be a tutor of some sort...reminds me of my parapsychology tutor!:)

    Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thank you.
      He did step outside the page. I had planned on getting all of him on the page, but he just kept growing.
      He has a great face.. I’ve drawn and painted him playing many characters, all of them old and wise. I have trouble seeing “P” other than wise.

  2. and still wow he has that look in his eyes that he has seen too many things, how can you even create that? that is amazing Anthony, did he? or was the word weary your invention, either way, I'm impressed, wow and the rest of the posture is amazing, wow again and again

    1. “P” is such an interesting guy. He is involved an a lot of different ventures beside modeling. He is fun to draw and paint, mostly for how much of who he is openly expressed in his poses.
      Thank you