Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Seducing rocks
Now veiled ghosts
Of those displaced

Dissolved monuments
From crashing waves
Many unkind winds

Embracing like lovers
Caught between
Now and then

Islands Off Solitude
8.5”x 5.5” fountain pen, oil sanguine and chalk on toned paper 


  1. Oh Anthony that's beautiful writing and drawing, i like the writing just a little bit more, but without the illustration, the write would lose ....perfect duo, I love it when you write with you designs

    1. Lorraine
      Thank you so much.
      The telling of the story for me is in my sketches and drawings. Enough within my world. The words seem so unnecessary until the decision is made to share. Then the drawing seems unfinished, and the words aren’t enough.
      Someday I’ll actually finish one of these. Maybe the image will become a finished painting, worthy of a frame?
      No… I’m already bored, and sketching something else.

  2. LOL oh restless artist all your paintings , you sketching your lines are worthy of a frame and of purchase

  3. ...and being caught between, all is finally understood.
    There is ecstasy in her expression...that comes of being aware that she is part of everything.
    The scene, without her in it, would be incomplete...and vice versa...

    Oh how this wonderful sketch has touched spirit, too, is lifted today!
    Thank you so much, Anthony...:)

    Have a Great Weekend :)

    1. Does one look at a seascape, a landscape they feel part of without converging; seducing or being seduced☺
      I agree without indication of a story, the seascape, the landscape, is just a background awaiting the subject, the story to be added.
      Thank you