Monday, December 29, 2014

Heading Set

Heading Set

Heading away at last,
probably too late.
Racing an evening storm,
toward a sheltered cove.

Not particularly concerned
who wins anymore.
Heading set at last,
away to the past.

So many evenings like this,
not wanting to return.
Heading before a storm
as the darkness sets in.

Islands off Solitude
5.5”x 8.5” ballpoint pen and chalk on toned paper


  1. Oh this is so dramatic...I love the notion of racing the approaching storm...dicing with danger on the high seas!
    It is amazing...the silvery glow of sea and sky suggests the approach of a tempest...there is an urgency to reach that cove. I FEEL it...

    1. Thank you
      So many summers were spent like this sailing The the evening were the best. Wanting to end up safe within the islands. Usually though as the darkness set in, I would turn and return to where I started, and the obligations to others in life.

  2. Anthony, the drawing, the writing oh gosh it is so spectacular, I can feel the movement of the sail I can feel the time is near and it must hurry...and I love your writing, it takes me away to a place of peace, wonderful

    1. Thank you. Is I sketched I was wishing to be sailing to the islands, my heading set..