Friday, December 5, 2014

Second Week Stoking

Second Week Stoking

This morning painting with the Independent Painters Group. 
“R” was back again with his shovel.
20”x 30” acrylic on stretched canvas.


  1. Feels like very energetic person, the background underlines his fire-like temper...true?

    1. He hasn’t shown a temper in the years I have known him. Of course he is an older man. he has probably mellowed over the years.

  2. For me, he is shoveling fallen leaves onto a bonfire here...I see the reflections of the flames in the background behind him...reminds me so much of my late father!
    Just gazing at this highly evocative masterpiece fills me with much-needed warmth on this cold and dreary day...:)

    1. In this I sort of moved him into a burning forest. Shoveling leaves makes more sense. Good memories, I hope.
      Thank you

  3. I see but a
    third of this
    painting the
    colours are so
    beautiful and
    and i miss
    all beauty
    and it hurts me
    not to see

  4. but buy putting
    it as back-
    grounder i
    see a mini
    image and I
    Know what
    you posted
    I love his white
    hair and it's
    beautiful the
    entire painting is
    is stunning oh

    1. I’m glad you are able to see more. Hopefully your situation improves..
      Thank you for your persistence to see all.

  5. now that my son's trick work and I see him , he's a twin to a man I know who looks exactly like him wearing jeans and always walking he has no car, but gosh your imagination painted him, I wish I still lived where \i did, 'cause I'd bring the computer and showed him his twin i didn't see that in the small format, if ever my reducing your blog affects it and leaves it that way let me know and I will immediately get it to its large shouldn't affect your blog but who knows, one way or the other i'll never stop visiting you

    1. We all have a twin, I am told. “R” must have many. Others have noted similar recognitions from my many drawing and paintings of him.