Friday, April 17, 2015

Lonely Throne

Lonely Throne

A sketch from this morning’s pose by “B” in a session with the Independent Painters Group.
18”x 24” ebony graphite and watercolors


  1. Magnificent colors in this sketch and she is quite lovely!
    Oh, I really like this sketch, very much!

  2. wow the throne in its marvelous colour may be unhappy, but she's not, she is relaxed, and clam, come what may with her throne, have a great weekend Anthony ;)

  3. This throne may be lonely...but she's happy and content to be there.
    I know I would be too...that background is so intriguing...I see water...and fields of heather.
    Magical! :)

    1. I kept thinking she would rather be somewhere else.. The background actually reflects a draped blanket that included the colors used. I’m seeing water now too..
      Thank you