Monday, October 23, 2017

Limbs In A Pool

Limbs In A Pool

Ancient times.
A Roman by a pool.
The rest a mystery.

Sketched “X” costumed as a Roman, sort of lost in some story, I didn’t understand. A pool was involved. Not sure why I waited so long. The session was almost a week ago.
12”x 18” ink and watercolor
17”x 14” ink


  1. Maybe waiting for it all to make sense?
    Perhaps he is anticipating some battle...or planning an invasion?
    Yes...the pool...could it be symbolic of plunging into the unknown...the taking over of an unfamiliar culture and superimposing his own rules upon it?
    Whatever it is, the contemplation appears to make him somewhat uneasy...:))

    1. Yes, so many questions. Symbolism looking for creative interpretations.
      I like yours.