Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Old Man Dancing

Older Man Dancing

To be so free
His music silent,
shared oblivious
to the watchers,
to the sketchers,
the critics,
jealous of his gifts.

Some more sketches of “P” from yesterday morning.

24”x 18” ebony graphite


  1. Incredible sensation of new...he really makes me believe he found something unique just in his abilities to walk...really someone can be jealous of his gifts.... ;)

  2. Maybe it a sense of freedom, maybe from one’s self?

  3. Oh I love it today I'm dancing let all those aggravating viruses and adware not matter ....Gosh I love this drawing! Bravo Anthony, next to the Islands off Solitudes, dances are my favourite, i think I'll be doing a lot of that today

  4. Oh I am jealous too, Anthony!
    I'd so love to be join in his dance. Oh I know he'd remain oblivious to my presence...but it would be enough just to be part of hear the silent from all inhibitions...:)

    1. He would welcome you onto the stage. “P” is just that kind of model☺