Sunday, August 31, 2014



Another form.
12”x 18” watercolor and pastel. 


  1. Oh I love this...she appears SO real...and that fabulous sun tan!
    I'm waiting too...for the sun to return...before the death of summer...;)

    1. Thank you
      Yes summer is coming to an end. I’m already missing the images of summer, the non-models not realizing they are posing. Returning instead to the models portraying those “so real” summer models in the real world.

  2. wow stunning bet she won't wait for long...I'm back well as back as i can be still on google but so far they've allowed me to post and not delete photos on my new blog: since I've always been photos and Stuff L, or PHotos l or, everything with photo I was hoping they wouldn't notice, no such luck, but at least they're not deleting yet, so good to see you again

  3. oh ps I have a new blog for whoever long it lasts i thought I'd try some title that didn't have photos or stuff or l....not easy so i went with ; for now the photos are staying yay