Sunday, August 18, 2013

After a Dip

After a Dip

Islands Off Solitude
The sketch is messy with too many lines looking for more meaning than finally showed up. I do like the figure with the see through towel though. I sketched her first. I struggled with the other two. Couldn’t get them to fit in with the first.
8.5”x 6” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper


  1. The all have something, but maybe the one to the right was suppose to be the only one on your Islands of Solitudes :)

    1. You could be right. Maybe that’s why the other two look less comfortable on the page?
      Also I should note that I refer to the islands as being “off” not “of” Solitude. Maybe the island they are on isn’t the island they are being watched from?

  2. oh yeah how did I miss that very important clue to the whole image, tsk tsk on me lol