Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not in the Dream

Not in the Dream

Island off Solitude
The water around the islands is very, very cold.

6”x 8.5” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper


  1. yeah I bet he believes he's dream, what a catch! beautifully drawn as always, oh ps when I opened my new blogs they showed all my recently deleted one and they said undelete? What was I suppose to do so anyway they're back all of them no need to visit all just you if you like one or two you may like the ship in my ShootL and frozen river in my four seasons lake or whatever

  2. It is between a standoff and a relationship dance!

    1. Your analogy is where the sketch started. The woman initiated dance and the guy being stubborn.
      Mocking, and maybe, awkwardness, wasn’t observed as a possibility until just before posting..

  3. I think he should leave and she'll have more room to move he's obviously not going to play along, but I love the movements you created