Monday, August 12, 2013

Boathouse Left at the End

Boathouse Left at the End

Islands off Solitude
One of many views from the mainland, of the islands beyond. A place of solitude, to watch them from. A good place to be left to remember from, at the end.
8.5”x 6” ballpoint pen


  1. They can't begin to understand Islands of Solitudes if they did, they would still be there ...\I really love this

    1. Some sort of ending are inevitable. The boathouse, the water, they will continue though. I’m sure understanding is not in short supply. I can only hope though, the ending for me is in a place like this.
      Thank you

  2. that makes two of us you,ll see my blogs have all disappeared well you know new laptops and all anyway got a new one just one i thought yeah just one