Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dancers at Cadogan Place Garden

Dancers at Cadogan Place Garden

The sculpture I have sketched here is in this garden. I don’t know the artist though, or what he may have titled it. I sketched this based on a photo I took when in London a few summers ago. I remember walking by these two dancing, two or three times a day. I of course would stop and watch them, thinking I could see them move.

Both images are of the same sketch photographed under slightly different lighting. I did the white accents with a silver pen that ended up reflecting in the first image. The first looks better reduced. The second looks better when the image is enlarged. Or at least that’s what I was thinking, the reason I posted both.
6”x 8.5” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper


  1. I love them both but you're right the white is incredible feels real, really nice Anthony

  2. Oh, to dance in the wonderfully liberating that would be!
    I am overwhelmingly inspired...:)

    1. I have moments where I feel the same, though the idea, the freedom to do so, is more exciting than the actual execution, the older I become.

  3. I found more information on the sculpture.
    Title: The Dancers
    Artist: David Wayne

  4. Wow he would be thrilled with your sketches