Thursday, August 8, 2013

In Reference to Time

In Reference to Time

There are more similarities then difference, depending on how presented in reference to time. Drama and cool shapes is what I see in both.
I couldn’t resist doing the ink study. I’ve included the reference drawing used for the  lower two figures. The drawing of two ten minute poses from a session “M” modeled from a few weeks ago, was the inspiration.
It wasn’t difficult to find similar drawings of poses to reference for the younger figures above. They are more often in demand.
1st: 14”x 11” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper
2nd: 24”x 18” sanguine on white paper


  1. time changes bodies and shapes we all know isn't this Mama G?

    1. I’ve never seen her as a mama… I see her as a wonderful model with a lot more history. I’ve seen other artists drawings of her when she was young. She was just as stunning… I see her youth in her present form.

  2. \I like that you do! you're an artist through and through ;)

  3. Yes, she is amazing...whether in youth or in later life, that same beauty shines through.
    You've captured her essence so vividly.:)