Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Liquid "P"

Liquid “P”
A couple of his poses from this morning captured with a wet brush.
1st: 19”x 18” watercolor wash on 140# cold press
2nd: 15”x 18” watercolor wash on 140# cold press


  1. Stunning that running flow and it runs down little beautiful hum, brown's exquisite, I could have made a joke, but nah, too easy, it is however superb. The shadows are exquisite....

  2. Yes, I can definitely feel the liquid nature of these magnificent paintings!
    The second one is absolutely took a while to find the model in there. It is almost as if he has actually turned to liquid.
    I adore these.:)

    1. This type of painting is fun. Although I’m never sure when to stop, when enough, but not too much, of the model is visible.