Sunday, October 13, 2013

Morning With "R"

Morning With “R”
Yesterday morning he posed for a drop in life drawing session I attend each week. Only a few others showed up to draw him. It was a beautiful fall day. Maybe this was the reason the other regulars stayed away?  We have all drawn him many times. We all have drawings and paintings of him taking up space in our homes and studios. I wonder if this is the reason others didn’t come? I think he was a little disappointed so few had showed up. I think this shows in his poses and even in my drawings here of him.
I have drawings I’ve done of him that have been accepted into numerous shows. There are many others who have won prizes with the images they have drawn and or painted from his poses in the past.
I’d have been at the session no matter who the model is. I’m a little obsessed with drawing from life whenever possible.. And besides, who knows when the magic, or the stars, may be in place, and another winning drawing of “R” might materialize?
Both: 18”x 24” graphite on mixed media paper

Links to recent past sessions with “R”:


  1. You are so right, Anthony..."R" does look as if he is disappointed about the low turn out of artists. But it is your talent that has captured his feelings in these drawings...I feel sorry for him. I do hope the magick, or the stars do their thing and another winning drawing has materialized and "R" poses proud again~

  2. You drew him perfectly in his disappointment like Jan says his stance his shoulders bearing a light weight

    1. Thank you.. Drawing him as often as I do, helps. And to be fair, as a model, he is a pretty good actor too.. Looking hurt and sad, he does very well☺

  3. Yes..."R" does, indeed, look rather disappointed. It must be disheartening to go to all that effort and then have only a few artists turn up.
    However, you have more than made up for that here.
    Your drawings of him are fabulous...have captured his very Soul.
    Wonderfully moving...

    1. I’m sure he would have liked a larger audience, but with just a few of us it was much easier to agree on poses. Also his compensation isn’t determined by how many show up to draw him… His time was appreciated as much if not more by the few of was as it would have been with a full studio.