Saturday, October 19, 2013

"SA" Morning

“SA” Morning
Some sketches from this mornings drop in life drawing session.
1st: 24”x 18” sanguine and colored pencil
2nd: 12”x 9” ballpoint pen and white gel pen on toned grey paper.


  1. I couldn't be me if I couldn't go within myself and stay there for a minute or so, I'm probably all wrong but that is exactly what I feel when I look at this and then there's the extrovert...that I've sometimes always envied if I were not such an introvert wow I do go on...whatever your story for this, I love it

    1. I think you have found a better story than I would have. The first drawing is a compilation of warm up sketches. I was conserving paper. I posted it mostly for interest on the drama created by the changes in scale. Going on is good for all of us..
      Thank you

  2. The first is a fabulous compilation of poses. It strongly suggests movement for me...when I gaze at it intently she becomes mobile, gracefully changing position like a dancer.

    In the second, she is reclining on solid ice somewhere in the Arctic. It feels so cold...yet she is immune...

    These are great :)

    1. Thank you
      Your description for each drawing sort of follows how the session went. The multiple sketches took place early in the session with multiple shorter poses. the single drawing with her on her back was the last pose of the day.. She seemed a little tired, and maybe wanted us drawing her to be challenged more than her. it was a difficult pose to draw.