Friday, January 16, 2015



The moments in a void,
endured involuntary
social experiences.

Blotted out silence,
almost oblivion,
forgotten after,
almost immediately.

Another creeping need
to admit it just is
a usually forgotten

I think it was the broken seat. Otherwise the pause would have been forgotten, joining a million or more forgotten moments, as it should be. Why would anyone even an idiot, think, much less take the time, to vandalize forgettable public space? I guess for them, it’s more than a pause in their day.

Idol sketching from a few days ago.
5”x 3.5” fountain pen


  1. You've had me definitely pause for that one, a story or did you witness it, either way very interesting sketch and story...ah social experiences - not many of those for me lately ;)

    1. Just some idol sketching, based on recent observations when dealing with the crowds.

  2. I sense an anger here...something has really annoyed them, and lacking courage to direct that annoyance at the person who caused it, they have directed it at this "forgettable public space" where the act will remain anonymous...where they can walk away, having discharged emotional chaos into material structure, and forget it ever happened.

    A really great sketch, Anthony. Very evocative! ;)

    1. Annoying more than anger, enough I guess to have prompted the sketch.
      Thank you