Thursday, May 9, 2013

"B" Morning and Afternoon

“B” Morning and Afternoon
I’ve included a couple of drawings of “B” from poses she provided yesterday. The drawing of short vignette sketches is from short poses in a life drawing session in the morning. The drawing in costume was from her last pose drawn in the evening, before heading home. I think I captured the mood of the last pose of the day with some accuracy.
Both drawings: 18”x 24” pastel on colored charcoal paper

A few earlier posts of “B”:


  1. Every time I see your incredible talent and vision it gives hope that maybe some day if I practice enough I'll have somewhere to put all my emotions, thank you for the hope Anthony

    1. You have the talent now. It shows in your photos. It showed in sketches once posted.
      Practice is always good. Everything I have done and continue to do is just more practice to continue to feel more each I practice again.