Sunday, May 5, 2013

Imagined Destination

Imagined Destination
Islands Off Solitude
It must be the sun and the blue sky showing up more days than not. The memory of islands from my youth, and more the imagined escape stories they provided turn into sketches. This started out as another I had visited by boat. But where I stopped with the lines is more imaginary then memories.
A future painting, I’m sure. I’m just not as sure which medium to use.
5”x 3.5” pigment liner


  1. I see pirates and long-neglected clowns, I see so many blurry people and it's probably all in my mind, I think I see me too

    1. Well, I think it’s just you and me. The pirates, the clowns, the blurry people are only being seen by us. The interest in escaping into my memories and dreams is obviously limited a very few☺
      Thank you for taking a look.