Thursday, May 2, 2013

"RO" In Costume, or Not

“RO” In Costume, or Not
Yesterday in the evening I was at a costumed figure session to draw “RO”. She posed as you see here in the drawings. To me, the blouse and dress and shoes looked like fashion from a period in the past.
Everything she wears looks good, so I wasn’t sure. I didn’t ask just in case what she had on is in style now, or the next new style coming in. She would be up date on such things. I think she has something to do with fashion and retail in her other occupation. She doesn’t model very often. I do try to attend when she does.
1st: 18”x 24” sanguine and colored pencil
2nd: 24”x 18” sanguine, five minute warm up sketches, before she sat down. 


  1. I love how you do what you do, but you know fashion has this habit to become new (using old) there are fashion statements that are better than others. Except on your blog, it's always just exactly right, bravo

    1. Thank you for the review. I think you are right, the styles of the past do become the present and then wait to reappear again. “RO” is one who would know.. I should have asked. There wouldn’t be these questions if she’d just posed nude☺