Friday, May 3, 2013

"JA" In Pastel

“JA” In Pastel
This was her second week in the same pose. The sketch painting last week was in watercolor. I was going to paint with acrylic today, what I usually do on the second week. I decided on pastels instead.
24”x 18” pastel on 100# Bristol paper


  1. wow I loved the first one but this wow it's different and more classical, her pose still elegant but her face her face seems uncertain, almost

    1. I think with pastels it was easier for me control her portrait. And being the second week I was less inclined to be as detailed, so her face is more generic. She definitely wasn’t suffering. She actually seemed to be in a better mood on the second week.
      Thank you

    2. upon looking back you're right, mixed emotions, sad the first time around but this one she does look a little annoyed