Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"S" In Morning Light

“S” In Morning Light
These are a few sketches from this morning of a session with “S”.
All: 11”x 14” ballpoint pen 


  1. Four incredible sketches and all I can think is that he is thinking, Oh Lord I need coffee, I'll battle for my coffee, I sympatise I think I look like that when I wake up minus the appendage.....(is that even a word, sometimes My French takes over)

    1. For the top drawing he was posing as “The Thinker” by Rodin… From other vantage points in the studio, the intend was easier to imagine.
      These were drawn in the morning. “S” who does Yoga and is in great shape was wide awake and doing fine. I was the one sipping coffee as I drew.

  2. I do so like your figures. Then, when I read that these are in ballpoint pen, I was even more impressed.
    I remember attempting this at school and finding it extremely difficult.
    So, hats off to you.
    These are wonderful.:)

    1. Once the decision is made not to erase anyway, the medium becomes less important.
      Drawing from life is a continuous exercise. If I don’t draw from a model at least once a week, it’s like starting all over.
      Thank you

  3. Yes now I see it still I still stand by my I need coffee, 'cause me and coffee we're best pal :)