Thursday, November 13, 2014

Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life

A formation of rock
Further in from the shore
Embedded into foliage
Snaking vines and moss
Withering fingers of exposed roots
Staining the grey cracked surfaces
To black
To purple

Back in the shadows
Looking like an ancient queen
A struggling giant mother
Feared to have once
Been alive

Where we found the two
Seated in her lap
Saying she protected them
Wondering why
We who found them
Were still alive

Lines, circles, dots, a first attempt to see, to express this moment without so many words.
Islands Off Solitude
3.5” x 5” ballpoint pen


  1. Wow! Love the poem very much! Great imagination! x

  2. ...amazing speechless, words just seem to flow from the lines so accurately...I wouldn't know which came first, this is intrigue and drama and huge question mark? What could have possible have happened right there on your Islands Off Solitudes

    1. Thank you
      The story continues to come together. I’ve been making good progress lately.. Soon….

  3. Do you know...I believe she IS the it's Spirit, it's Goddess.
    She was human once.
    But the trials and tragedies of that condition sent her to ground...where she waits and watches until your pen once again frees her from her bondage...this powerful being is at your mercy...

    1. Yes she has become part of the island, a rock formation in fact. Definitely trials and tragedy were involved…
      Thank you