Thursday, November 20, 2014

Survivors: Second Day

Survivors: Second Day

So long ago,
a place to start
I suppose,
after a massacre
turns the waters

Second day,
a gathering.
The beginning.
Ghostly visions,
death barriers
are spawned.

Protection for centuries
from mainland invaders.
An inevitable evil
always within
any pleating crowd.

Scratching with a pen, looking for history, an explanation, maybe just a moment to capture a recent dream.
Islands off Solitude  
5.5”x 8.5” ballpoint pen


  1. Feels like many stories are beginning....of new country?....evil within, but at the beginning everyone has the same basic needs....and also seems the land has its own magic to help to someone who stuff!

    1. There are many stories. As one ends another begins.. I find myself embellishing history that happened I’m sure somewhere, and now becomes the history of the place I’m turning into someplace else in my head. It’s fun.

  2. You've given me shivers on that one, oh my gosh it's sensational, what you've created a place to be to hide but always someone will come to destroy ...must be disposed of...I just love it so much, but I want the bad ones away far far away..the shoals should have magical power to restraint any evil from entering, oh Anthony!

    1. There has to be a history, a background to build upon. This may be it. I’m not sure. It all keeps evolving. It’s all good though for the islands and solitude..
      Thank you

  3. Are the Islands moving into a new phase?
    Has the massacre inspired a desperate need to overcome opposition in this new beginning?
    Perhaps now the evil that lurks within the pleating crowd can be rooted out and dispatched forever...
    yes...the stuff of pure legend! :)

    1. The new phase is where I happened to start.. These are ideas as a beginning, as history to build upon, to create the mystery and legends to keep the islands safe from the evil surrounding them.. I don’t know.. I’m having fun though figuring it out.