Friday, March 14, 2014

"J" Second Week

“J” Second Week
“J” was back in the same pose for a second week with the Independent Painters Group. I attempted a portrait in watercolor last week, without much success. This morning I moved to a different vantage point in the studio for these to drawings with pastels. The resemblance is slightly more detectible than last weeks attempt, though still not complementary enough. 
I just compared this week’s attempt with last week. The lighting this week was definitely causing eyes to squint. Or there was anger this week I was obviously oblivious to. (Probably upset with last weeks attemptJ)
1st: pastel on colored pastel paper
2nd: pastel on sanded Bristol board


  1. There does seem to be a slight suggestion of anger in the first one, doesn't there?
    But in the second, he is much more relaxed...I believe those elusive words have finally come to mind long enough for him to capture them on paper.
    Oops...I appear to have transformed artist into poet!
    My apologies...*smiles* ;)

    1. It’s nice when poetry can be found in a drawing☺ My drawing does show anger, although I think it’s the light in her eyes. Yes “he” is a woman, with a very boyish look… Drawing “J” is less confusing when she is undressed☺

    2. Oops! Sorry "J" failing memory!! ;)
      Do hope I can be forgiven...

    3. No need to apologize.. “J” rolls her eyes when she looks at me paintings of her.

  2. Both are very beautiful paintings with pastels !!!
    Have a nice weekend !!!

  3. Extraordinary photos Anthony, oh the colours are divine
    I love these two portraits of J.