Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life, Joy and Hope to the Left

Life, Joy and Hope to the Left

These days those on the right just get in the way.
I did this heavy thinking earlier in the week, or I should say my fountain pen did, as the doodle sketch pointed out this epiphany.
The painting followed with the final few touches added today.   
Above: 24”x 18” ink and watercolor
Below: 6”x 3.5” Fountain pen’s concept sketch 


  1. you see in the colour version the Light, Joy and Hope to the left are all women to the right mostly men, I see this as the fact that being pregnant can change the future and there is always Light Joy and Hope yet it couldn't be done without men, or is it that women are altogether more happy than leave me with questions that always are full of hope do say

  2. I strongly sense the workings of Fate in this piece...are some of us born with a predisposition to "Light, Joy and Hope", whilst others have only troubles, misfortune and depression to look forward to?
    And are the two sections of humanity too wrapped up in their respective directions through life to even notice the other?
    I so long to see just one of those on the left extend a hand to the other understanding and spread some of that wellbeing...
    or perhaps my thinking is even heaver than yours today! *smiles*

  3. Oh, no, those on the right -- just slower, praying for others 'to the left'. Both sides exist in the balance. Remember in philosophy: a movement - the struggle of opposites. Without it - nothing, no life!

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  5. Thank you all.
    I do appreciate the thoughtful engaging comments.
    I must say my epiphany was far less analytic or philosophic, mostly political:
    Why would any women wanting a life of joy and hope, join the selfish (or threatened) mostly men (it seems) on the right?

  6. This could be seen to have a political bent. "These days those on the right just get in the way." In the way of life, joy, and hope. Though I'm sure that wasn't your intent, regardless, I like it.

    1. Your interpretation is very close to where my thoughts were, and of course I agree.. I was thinking mostly about women though, dealing with the right these days.
      Thank you