Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Louvre Pool Sitters

Louvre Pool Sitters

As an architect I probably should have been more interested in the pyramids on the Louvre plaza by I.M. Pei. I remember when they were built, seeing them in the architectural magazines in the early 90’s.
As you can see, last week while visiting Paris, those sitting on the pool walls around the main glass pyramid were more interesting, on a very warm afternoon.
12”x 9” ink and watercolor


  1. These figures are so natural. Fabulous work.

  2. Very interesting figures painting on the pool of Louvre plaza !!!
    Have a nice summer day Anthony !!!

  3. but of course, women sweat glistening down their lovely faces, men don't mind so much\ and this is really wonderful!!

  4. Just the right place to be on a hot day like this...I can feel the warmth from across the channel!
    This is wonderful.:)

    1. It was much hotter in Paris, especially at the Louvre, with no shade on the large plaza.
      Thank you