Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Too Many Truths

Too Many Truths

Feeling over exposed
Watching the passion
The honest outraged
When the truths become known
Emotional responses
Moral shock
The indifference
The cruelty

The real criminals observe
Inventing rational replies
Not hindered by honesty
Spreading lies
Spreading fear
Before too many truths
Are acted upon

I finally got around to dealing with a painted version to go with these words. I posted them with an ink sketch version of a similar image back in January.
I knew the colors would include red even then.
28”x 22” acrylic and ink on stretched canvas


  1. Tant d'émotions exprimées... Gros bisous

    1. Kisses are needed after what has been expressed here.
      Thank you for the kisses.

  2. Your writing is not only excellent it is the truth the sketch shows again those who think they are mightiest and take away what doesn't belong to them and throw everybody in the street or kill them, babies, children pregnant women men teenagers elders how cruel the world is and how appropriately and beautifully shown and told.

    1. It only takes a few greedy souls to destroy live for so many..
      This has sat around for some time. I didn’t enjoy the subject
      Thank you

  3. I know but it needs to be told, expressed, in words, in painting, in sketches, the world has to wake up, so you go ahead ,,,,with every word, sketch photo you tell the truth, and I love that about you