Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two Plus One

Two Plus One

Just a show
A circus act
The curious
An oddity

Unimagined moments
Now too common
As reduced and not
Try to get along

The balancing act
Won’t last
The differences
Too abundant
Will convert

The fragile balance
From tolerance
To fear
An opening
For hate
To flow

I was working on hands and figures again. Both the left and the right, made it to this same page.
But I need another hand now, maybe larger than the two I already have, for the One rejected, sized in between.
This is just one in a series of images I’ve been thinking about developing further to include with recent dinosaurs.
8”x 12” ballpoint pen


  1. I love what you wrote it is brilliant your drawings are brilliant with a huge hint of sexuality that I can feel whether that was your intention or note...this is sexual to the max especially the lady to the right

    1. Thank you
      I like to draw figures in the nude. If that’s sexual, so be it… The story line per the poem and where I see these images
      contributing, definitely isn’t.

  2. I find such graceful movement in these figures. The two on the left appear to be dancing, while the one on the right eagerly awaits her turn!
    Truly amazing!:)

    1. Thank you
      I see a dance, the desire to entertain too.