Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"MA" Still The Queen

“MA” Still the Queen
She hasn’t been around for a while. I usually get a chance to draw her one or two times a year. She noted today she has been modeling for over fifty years. The first drawing is how I saw her today. The second was drawn in November of 2011. My post then was titled “Tired Queen”.
She didn’t look as tired this morning.
1st: 24”x 18” pastel on colored charcoal paper
2nd: 18”x24” pastel on paper


  1. If I hadn't seen the previous I would have thought for sure a VOODOO Queen, you don't mess around with beautiful of you to see her

    1. She was showing a different side of herself in this latest session. She was acting stronger, not as tired.
      Thank you